Celestron CGEM HyperTune®…complete!

It has been a long time since I’ve written on the blog. Quite busy with the family and other projects. In early august, I was able to complete the HyperTune of the Celestron CGEM. Re-greasing and re-assembly of the DEC axis went without a glitch. The videos from Ed Thomas at Deep Space Products are

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Celestron CGEM HyperTune®…started

With the intention of improving the autoguiding performance (especially in RA) of my Celestron CGEM mount, I have initiated the process of “Hyper-Tuning” it. A few months ago, I purchased a partial kit from Ed Thomas at Deep Space Products to help the process. What I ordered was: – DVD step-by-step video on how to HyperTune® your mount

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New CCD camera…new & old challenges.

On march 30th, 2013, after the acquisition of my new CCD camera (i.e. the SBIG ST-8300M, the filter wheel and filters), with the weather looking promising, I carefully planned an imaging session with the goal of capturing LRGB data of the Sunflower Galaxy (i.e. Messier 63). I used CCD Commander to automate the acquisition of the following frames: 20 X 6 minutes

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I bought an SBIG ST-8300M

After months of design, prototyping and modifications in order to transform my Canon 350D DSLR into a better astronomical instrument, I finally gave in and purchased a thermoelectrically cooled CCD imaging cameras (i.e. the SBIG ST-8300M). Here is the picture of the new toy… My modified Canon still work quite well but I felt it was time for me to step into the world of more

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Elongated Stars – Problem solved

Early last week, in my quest to find the source of my elongated stars problem, I was doing research on the internet when I came across a paper by Craig Stark titled: “What to do When PHD Guiding isn’t Push Here Dummy“. In his paper, Mr. Stark discusses the possible effect of gravity on stars

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Still suffering from elongated stars due to differential flexure

This week, the weather has been very good…it’s the fourth clear night in a row. Futhermore, I am attending a CCD conference on Saturday…what more could you ask to satisfy an astrophotographer? On October 25th, I contacted Moonlite Telescope Accessories about the broken bearing on my focuser, Ron Newman replied on the 27th telling me to ship the focuser to him and explaining

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Elongated Stars – Focuser problems

Last night, in order to try to reduce the differential flexure problem that have been plaguing me, I replaced the guiding camera 2″ extension tube I was using with the ED80T CF  with a 1.25″ diagonal with the hope to be able to move the draw-tube more into the focuser. With the 2″ extension tube, my draw-tube was

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