Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Planetarium, Observatory Automation, Image Processing, Utilities, Calculators.

TheSkyX TheSkyX contains an array of tools for advanced astronomers.
Starry Night Pro Fully featured flagship program, tailored for the astronomer who wants the very best in-class astronomy software and telescope control experience.

Observatory Automation
MaxPilote Observatory control freeware.
CCD Autopilot Powerful Multi-target astrophotography imaging software.
CCD Commander Automated Imaging, Powerful enough for remote observatories. Simple enough for your backyard.
ACP ACP Observatory Control Software

Image Processing
Pixinsight Advanced image processing software platform.
Maxim DL MaxIm DL is the fastest and easiest way to image the night sky.
Iris An astronomical images processing software

FocusMax FocusMax was designed to aid astronomers in the difficult task of focusing CCD-based telescopes.
Celestron Nexremote NexRemote provides full emulation of every aspect of the Celestron computerized hand control.
CCD Inspector Fine-tune your optics using your CCD camera in real-time.
Celestron PEC Tool Allows you to record and playback Periodic Error Correction data on Celstron's mount.
PEMPro Optimize your mount's performance to improve tracking.
PHD Guiding Powerful, intelligent auto-guiding of your telescope for both PCs and Macs.
Dew Point Calculator Want to provide the best combination of temperature and relative humidity (RH) for long-term preservation of collection materials?
Image Scale And Field of View Calculator Used to calculate the image scale for a camera/scope combination.

 Online Tools
Auto Guider Calculator CCDWare AutoGuider Calculator
Sub-Exposure Calculator CCDWare Sub-exposure calculator
The Night Sky Atlas The night sky atlas is an interactive map of the entire night sky. It allows viewing any part of the sky and creating sky chart images and PDF printouts.

AstroGeeks AstroGeeks is a group of astronomy enthusiasts who develop software and explore new ideas.